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Policy CAA - Uniform School Fund

Policy CAB - Local Revenue

Policy CAC - Revenue & Budgeting

Policy CAD 1 - Finance

Policy CAD - Revenue & District Audit Committee

Policy CAE Capital Outlay Reporting- New School Building Project or Significant School Remodel

Policy CB - Procurement

Policy CBA - Procurement: General Procurement

Policy CBB - Awarding Contracts By Bidding

Policy CBC - Reverse Auction Bidding

Policy CBD - Awarding Contract By Proposals

Policy CBE - Small Purchases

Policy CBF Procurement- Exceptions to Standard Procurement Processes

Policy CBG Procurement- Contracts and Conract Limitations

Policy CBH Procurement- Interaction with Other Procurement Units

Policy CBI Procurement-Records Retention

Policy CC Procurement of Construction

Policy CCA School Construction Bidding

Policy CCB Construction Bonds & Security

Policy CCC Limitation on Change Orders

Policy CCD Drug & Alcohol Testing for Construction Projects

Policy CCE Construction Management Methods

Policy CCF Procurement of Architect Engineer Services

Policy CCG Construction Requirements

Policy CDA Procurement Appeals and Oversight: Procurement Protests and Debarment Proceedings

Policy CDB Procurement Appeals and Oversight:Procurement Protest and Debarment Appeals

Policy CDD Procurement Appeals and Oversight:Procurement Violations and Offenses

Policy CEA School Safety Plan:Video and Audio Surveillance

Policy CEB - District Emergency Response Plan

Policy CG - School Plant

Policy CGA - School Plant - Hazardous Materials

Policy CGA - Exhibit 1 - Hazardous Materials

Policy CGA - Exhibit 2 - Training Records

Policy CGA - Exhibit 3 - Chemical and Hazardous Materials Information

Policy CJAA - Transportation

Policy CJAC - Transportation- Route Planning

Policy CK - Cash Receipts and Expenditures

Policy CKA - Cash Receipts and Expenditures: Credit/Purchase Cards

Policy CKB - Cash Receipts and Expenditures: Travel/Mileage

Policy CKC - Cash Reciepts and Expenditures: Reimbursement Requests

Policy CKD - Cash Receipts and Expenditures: Purchase Orders

Policy CKE - Cash Receipts and Expenditures: Issuance of Checks 

Poilicy CKF - Cash Receipts and Expenditures: Journal Entries and Electronic Fund Transfer

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GA                           Public Information Program – Public Records

GAB                         Publishing of School Report Cards

GB                           Public Complaints

GC                          Community Use of School Facilities

GCA                        Conduct on School Premises

GCB                        Community Support Groups

GCBA                     Parental Participation

GCD                       Political Party Use of School Meeting Facilities

GE                          School Community Councils

GF                          Fundraising and Donations Policies

GFA                        Private and Non-School Sponsored Activities and Fundraising

GH                          Honorary Diplomas for Veterans

GI                           Military Testing and Recruitment

GJ                           Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education

GK                           Firearm Safety Training

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FA                             Equal Educational Opportunities

FAC                           Services for Homeless Students

FBA                          Admissions and Attendance:  Eligibility and Admissions Requirements

FBAA                        Admissions and Attendance:  Foreign Exchange Students

FBAB                        Admissions and Attendance:  Military Children

FBAC                        Admissions and Attendance: Student Enrollment

FBB                          Admissions and Attendance:  Compulsory Education

FBB                          Exhibit A

FBBA                        Dual Enrollment

FBF                          Admissions and Attendance: Re-Entry into Public Schools

FDA                          Health Requirements and Services:  Physical Examinations

FDAB                       Health Requirements and Services:  Immunizations

FDAC                       Health Requirements and Services:  Medical Treatment

FDACA                     Do Not Resuscitate - Directivies

FDACB                     Health Requirements and Services:  Student Self-Treatment for Asthma or Diabetes

FDACC                    Health Requirements and Services:  Students with Potentially Life Threatening Allergies

FDACD                    Health Requirement and Services:  Medical Recommendations by School Personnel to Parents

FDAD                       Health Requirements and Services:  Communicable Diseases

FDAE                       Students Infected with AIDS, HIV, or ARC

FDAF                       Concussion and Head Injury

FDD                         Student Welfare:  Child Abuse

FDE                         Wellness Policy Adoption Process

FDEA                       Wellness Policy

FE                            Student Records:  “Education Records” Defined

FEA                          Education and Family Privacy

FF                            Student Activities

FFA                          Student Activities:  Publications and Prior Review

FFD                          Student Activities:  Non Enrolled District Students Participation in Extracurricular Activities

FFE                           Student Concussions and Head Injuries

FG                            Clubs:  Curricular and Non-curricular Student Groups

FGAA                       Student Conduct:  Demonstrations

FGAB                       Student Conduct:  Interfering Devices and Electronic Communication Devices

FGAC                       Bus Conduct

FGAD                       Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Bullying and Cyber-bullying

FGB                         Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Married Students

FGC                         Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Pregnant Students

FGD                         Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Interrogations and Searches

FGE                         Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Student Complaints

FH                            Student Discipline

FHAA                       Student Conduct – Tobacco/Alcohol, Controlled & Non-Controlled Substance

FHAA                       Student Conduct - Exhibit 1

FHAB                       Safe Schools:  Sexual Harassment

FHAC                       Safe Schools:  Hazing

FHAE                       Safe School:  Disruptive Student Behavior

FHD                         Relations with Governmental Agencies and Local Governmental Authorities

FI                             Student Fees

FIA                           School Fund Raisers

FJ                            Students Leaving with Adults

FK                            Student School Uniforms

FL                            Technology Acceptable User Agreement

FLA                          Student Technology Handbook

FLA                          Exhibit A (iPad Pledge)

FLA                          Exhibit B (Acceptance Form)

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EAA                        Instructional Goals, Objective and Evaluation:  Adoption and Purpose

EAB                        Instructional Goals, Objectives, and Evaluation:  Evaluation of Programs


EBA                        Term of Instruction:  School Year

EBB                        Term of Instruction:  School Day

EBE                        Homebound Instruction


ECA                        Curriculum:  Required Instruction

ECAA                     Professional Learning Communities

ECBB                     Curriculum:  Elective Instruction:  Driver Education

ECBC                     Extended Year - Extended Day

ECC                        Curriculum:  Reading Achievement for K-3

ECE                        Curriculum:  College Course Work

ECF                        Curriculum: Religious Neutrality 

ECG                        Curriculum:  American Heritage

ECH                        Curriculum:  Human Sexuality

EDA                        Special Programs:  Alternative Language Program

EDAA                      Title I:  Parent Involvement

EDB                        Special Programs:  At-Risk Student/Dropout Reduction

EDC                        Special Programs: Youth in Custody

EDE                        Special Programs:  Special Education

EDEF                      504 Students:  Reasonable Accommodations

EDF                        Social Programs:  Health Care Occupation Programs

EDG                       Special Programs:  Financial and Economic Literacy Passport

EEA                        Instructional Resources:  Copyrighted Materials

EEB                        Instructional Resources:  Internet Policy

EEC                        Instructional Resources:  Purchase of Primary Instructional Materials

EED                        Instructional Resource:  Teaching Supplies and Materials

EFB                        Grading:  Testing Procedures and Standards

EGA                        Guidance:  Student Education Plan/Occupation Plan

EGAB                     School Fee Policy

EHA                        Graduation:  Graduation Requirement

EHAB                     Graduation:  Exercises

EHC                       Graduation:  Early Graduation Incentive

EHE                       Graduation:  Adult Education Graduation

EHI                         School Activities and Concurrent Enrollment-Dual Enrollment

EIA-1                      Rules Governing Student Extended Travel and Overnight Lodging

EIA-II                      Field Trips and Excursions

EJA                        Teaching About Controversial Issues

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DAA                        Employment Objectives:  Nondiscrimination

DAB                        Employment:  Licensure

DAC                        Employment:  Background Checks

DACA                      Employment:  Personal Reporting of Arrests and Convictions

DAD                        Employment:  Scope of Employment

DADA                      Employment:  Transfers

DADB                      School Placement of Children of Staff Members

DAE                         Employee Conflict of Interest

DAF                         Ethics Policy Regarding Private But Public Education-Related Activities

DAG                        Employee Drug Policy

DAG                        Policy Exhibit 1

DAH                        Drug Testing of Bus Drivers

DAJ                         Immunization for District Employees

DBA                        Contracts:  Certified Employees

DBAA                      Salary Schedules

DBAB                      Employee Leave

DBAC                      Unavoidable Absences Other Than Illness and Death

DBAD                      Employee Sabbatical Leave

DBAD                      Policy Exhibit 1

DBB                        Contracts:  Classified Employees

DBBA                      Employment Requirement:  Physical Examinations and Communicable Diseases

DBBB                      Employees With Disabilities

DBC                        No Implied Contract Rights

DBD                        Career Status Not Available in Extra Duty Portion of Teacher Contracts

DBE                        Student Teachers and Interns

DBF                        Substitutes

DBG                        Reemployment of Retired Employees

DBH                        Paid Vacation Time

DCB                        Mediation of Contract Negotiations

DCC                        Association and Organization Participation

DDA                        Reporting of Child Abuse

DDAA                      Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education

DDB                        Reporting of Student Prohibited Acts

DEA                        Workers Compensation

DEAA                      Long-Term Disability

DEAB                      Procurement of Workers Compensation Insurance

DEAC                      Personal Protective Equipment

DEB                         Retirement

DEBA                       Early Retirement

DEBA                       Policy Exhibit 1 Application Form

DEC                         Risk Management Coverage for Employees

DEC                         Policy Exhibit 1

DED                         Overtime

DEDA                       Group Insurance – Medical, Hospital Benefits, Life Insurance

DFA                          Professional Development Plans

DFB                          Paid Association Leave

DG                            Employee Evaluation

DGA                         Teacher Evaluation


DGD                         Liability:  Volunteers

DHA                         Orderly School Termination for Employees

DHB                         Reduction in Force

DHC                         Redress of Grievances

DHCD                      Credit for Prior Teaching

DHD                         Employment Relations:  Employee Associations and Wage Deductions

DI                             Legal Defense of Employees

DJ                            Employee References and Letters of Recommendation

DKAB                       Hiring Preference of Veterans and Veterans’ Spouses

DKAC                       Nepotism

DKB                         Sexual Harassment

DKB                         Policy Exhibit 1

DKBA                       Employee and Student Relations

DKC                         Family Medical Leave Policy

DKC                         Policy Exhibit 1

DKC                         Policy Exhibit 2

DMA                        Employee Acceptable Use of Personally Owned Electronic Communications Devices

DMA                        Policy Exhibit 1

DMB                        Acceptable Use of Electronic Communications Devices to Conduct District Business

DMB                        Policy Exhibit 1

DNA                        Staff Participation in Political Activities

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BA                          Board Legal Status

BAA                        Board Legal Status:  Powers and Duties

BBA                        Board Members:  Eligibility and Qualifications

BBAA                      Board Members: Student Members

BBB                        Board Members:  Elections and Reapportionment

BBC                        Board Members: Vacancies on the Board

BBG                        Board Members:  Compensation and Expenses

BD                          Board Internal Operation

BDAB                     President of the Board: Duties

BE                          Board Meetings

BEA                        Board Meetings:  Notice Requirements

BEB                        Board Meetings:  Recordings and Minutes

BEC                        Board Meetings:  Closed Meetings

BED                        Board Meetings:  Meeting Location

BEE                        Board Meetings:  Electronic Meetings

BEF                        Board Meetings Participation Procedures

BJA                        Superintendent:  Appointment, Term of Office, and Interim Appointment

BJB                        Superintendent:  Qualifications and Responsibilities

BKA                        Business Administrator:  Appointment, Term of Office, and Interim  Appointment

BKB                        Business Administrator:  Qualifications and Responsibilities

BL                           Administrative Personnel

BLA                        Administrative Personnel:  Duties of Principals

BM                         Charter School Sponsorship

BN                          Energy

BU                          District Annual Reports

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