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End-of-Year Testing

Students in Juab School District will participate in state end-of-year testing during the district Spring testing window. The purpose of state testing is to allow our students to show what they know and can do. Results from statewide assessment provide our district, as well parents, the public, the Legislature, the Board of Education, and teachers with a standardized source of measurement information about student proficiency and growth. This information, in combination with other locally collected data, helps us to evaluate the effectiveness of school programs. State Spring tests include the following:



Content Area




ELA (3-8)

Math (3-8)

Science (4-8)

Writing (5 & 8)

April 11 – May 20

Utah Aspire+


ELA, Reading, Math, Science

April 27-28

Acadience Reading and Math


Reading, Math

May 2-3 MES

May 4-5 NVE

May 9-12 RCE



Literacy, Numeracy

By appointment;

May 23-25

Civics Exam



Graduation requirement; must be taken and passed once prior to high school graduation

Parents wishing to exclude their student(s) from any state test may file the Parental Exclusion form with their student’s school. Parents must file a new form each year. The school requests 24-hours notice to avoid exposing students to an excluded test. Please contact your student’s school for specific testing schedules. For further information about state testing please contact Sandra Nielsen at the Juab School District office: 623-1940 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may also find additional information about state tests here: 

Parental Exclusion Form

State Testing FAQs