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Open Enrollment 2021-2022

All students residing in the Juab School District are expected to attend the school within their boundaries as established by the Board of Education. The district also recognizes and supports the concept of open enrollment. Based on individual school capacity, it is the practice of the district to allow open enrollment in grades where the average class size in:

  • Kindergarten and First grade is 20 students or less, 
  • Multi-age grade level class size is 22 students or less,
  • and the average class size in all other grades is 25 students or less. 

If the average class size in a grade exceeds these numbers, that grade level is considered closed. A school is considered closed to open enrollment if the average class size at a school exceeds the district average at the elementary or secondary level.  

All Juab School District Special Education programs are closed at this time as enrollment thresholds have been exceeded. 

Schools and grade levels that are open and closed are noted below. Enrollment numbers will be updated on a regular basis. 

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