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Major Clarity PowerUser

Juab School District has been named as an official PowerUser of the MajorClarity platform! By incorporating MajorClarity's CCR tools into our curriculum, students are encouraged to take ownership of their academic experience and to prepare for a meaningful future. As a result of frequent engagement with the software by both students and staff, we are thrilled to be recognized in the highest category - ‘PowerUser’ status. 

  • At least 40-50% of all student accounts have been activated this school year (this benchmark is based on doubling the industry standard, which research has found to be an estimated activation rate of 20% for other CCR platforms)
  • At least 50-60% of students have returned to their account 2x or more this school year
  • High staff login rates (measured through number of students engaged per staff login). This engagement ratio must be under ASCA’s recommended caseload ratio of 250:1