The Hive

Providing educational opportunity, physical growth, and community engagement.

The Hive is an 80,500 square foot educational complex that will house three educational classrooms, a turf field and walking track, four basketball/volleyball courts, a wrestling room, weight room, and office space. Additionally, it will have netting to accommodate batting, pitching, and golf practice. The Hive will be used for recreation, public education, and community events. This project is being financed through a partnership of private donors, Nephi City, and Juab School District. The site for The Hive will be located on Wasp Way (700 North) immediately to the south of Juab Junior High School.


There are several reasons “WHY” now is the time for The Hive complex in Nephi. Some of these reasons are:
Economic Development
Nephi’s central location in Utah makes it ideal for hosting athletic, entertainment, and education events. The Hive allows us to capitalize on our location by hosting numerous events that bring in people from all over the state, which will generate increased revenue for local business and drive economic growth.

Recreational Opportunities
The Hive will provide a place where all children can build self-esteem, resilience, along with lifelong character through physical activity and competition. Numerous studies show the benefits of recreation in developing discipline, teamwork, leadership, and other life-changing skills.
Educational Space for Juab High School
The high school is in great need of educational space. Not only will The Hive house three dedicated high school classrooms, it will allow for the repurposing of the current weight room and wrestling for three or four additional classrooms. The partnership with all private donors, Nephi City, and Juab School District allows for extended educational opportunities in creating classroom/educational space.

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