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Dear Juab Families,

This is a critical time for our district.  While Covid-19 infections are dropping statewide, they have never been higher in Juab County than they are right now.  We must be vigilant in following and enforcing health guidelines if we want to keep school doors open. This communication is an effort to help our students understand the importance of health and safety and continue our ability to keep schools open and learning on-site.

On December 18, 2020, the state quarantine policy changed so that quarantining is not required for school exposure if all involved were properly wearing their masks.  This State policy change should greatly reduce the number of students and teachers who need to be quarantined.  

JSD has adopted a procedure that if a student has a history of consistently correctly wearing her/his mask during school, then, absent conflicting information, the assumption will be that the student was wearing a mask at the time of exposure and that student will not need to quarantine. In addition, if a student has a history of not wearing his/her mask properly, then the school cannot verify that the student was wearing a mask at the time of exposure and will be asked to quarantine. 

The outlined process will be followed by the school administration:

  • Students will continue to be encouraged and reminded to correctly wear masks and will be documented to the main office and administration for contact tracing purposes.
  • Students identified as not correctly wearing their face covering will be noted as at (PHR) personal health risk and subject to quarantine. An email and/or phone contact to parents will be made to inform parents if a student is not in compliance.
  • If a student is recorded as a PHR four times, the school building administration will communicate to parents and students that further instruction will be provided online for a time period determined by the building administration. 

Thank you for your efforts in limiting the spread of the virus in our schools.  In-school learning has been a great success this year in JSD; I am confident that with all of our efforts this will continue for the remainder of the year.


Dr. Kodey Hughes, Ed.D

Superintendent of Schools

Juab School District

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