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Student Data Privacy

 About Data Privacy and Security  

Juab School District strives to protect a student’s personal data. We endeavor to maintain the confidentially, integrity, and accessibility of student data, while still allowing students to obtain a technologically rich educational experience.

Data Privacy Policy 

Juab School District believes in maintaining the privacy and security of student data and information. The use of any identifiable student data will only be transmitted in appropriate use as per local, state, and federal law compliance requirements. 

 View Data Govenrance Plan Policy

 View Student Data Protection Policy

App Vetting Procedure

 Juab School District, in compliance with HB 358 and SB 102, has initiated a policy and protocol procedure for evaluating all third-party vendors, websites and apps who have access to any student PII data. Juab School District wants to protect and make sure the student data is secure.

View Student Data Privacy: App and Website Vetting ProcedureStudent Data Privacy: App and Website Vetting Procedure

View Student Data Privacy: Third Party Vendor AgreementStudent Data Privacy: Third Party Vendor Agreement

 Parent Notices

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Notice

Student Directory Information Notice

Student Data Collection Notice

Higher Education Outreach Data Parental Consent Form

Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) Notice

Data Privacy and Security Training

 Juab School District takes student personal data privacy very seriously.  Staff training reduces privacy and security issues.

Security Policy

Juab School District (JSD) supports secure network systems, including security for all personally identifiable information that is stored on paper or stored digitally on JSD-maintained computers and networks. This policy supports efforts to mitigate threats that may cause harm to the students, or employees in the JSD. 

View Security Policy 

Meta Data Dictionary

 Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Utah’s Student Data Protection Law, all student data that is sent to a third-party vendor must be catalogued on the Utah State Board of Education’s metadata dictionary. The metadata dictionary is open to the public.

View Metadata Dictionary

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