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Superintendent's Message: November 11

Dear Juab School District Families, 

Roger Crawford said, “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.”  I believe that this quote is significant today with all that we do and work through. I have found personally and professionally that when faced with difficulties, I have one of two choices. I can either let the challenge overcome me or persevere, learn, grow and somehow become stronger for having had the experience. While none of us would wish adversity on one another, nor would I recommend seeking such conditions. The benefits of experiencing certain obstacles are apparent. Speaking specifically to our current COVID-19 pandemic condition, I would suggest that we look forward to working for and focus upon what is truly important to us at this time of extraordinary challenge. 

The Governor and Utah Health Department have issued an updated state of emergency. The communication provided to school districts has been that COVID-19 is spreading rapidly throughout Utah. With this most recent State law announcement, I would like to outline my thoughts on our work here in Juab School District as we navigate the current update.

First, JuabSD will continue its work to educate and guide our students. With the significant steps that we have all taken over the past four months, little will need to change. Teachers and staff will continue to be vigilant with providing our students with our Juab education and focus on learning.  

Second, as the update pertains to our school building activities, the order states that no organized extracurricular activities, including sports and intramural events, will occur until after November 23rd. Please know this is a postponement. Most recently, teachers, staff, and students have been gearing up for the winter sports season, senior ball, and school performances such as school musical and concerts. All of these experiences and activities will be rescheduled and reorganized for future dates. These areas of student life and learning are essential, and I am committed to finding a balanced way to continue. 

Third, the district's goal and for me as your Superintendent is to find opportunities and ensure that we continue our mission to educate the whole child. This goal includes all of our outstanding areas of student learning and development. The Governor and Health Department Update is in effect until at least November 23rd. Continued planning and preparation are crucial to educating the whole child and will continue to guide all of our district planning efforts. 

Finally, we are more determined for the Juab School District than ever to meet our students' needs. Additionally, with a perseverance mindset, I can emphatically state that we are doing the right work! Our teacher's commitment, resolve, and dedication to their personal growth and success in and outside of the classroom are vital. Individually and collectively, the Juab School District will look forward to working for and focus upon what is truly important to us and continue to develop student academic, athletic, social, emotional, artistic, and developmental successes. 

I thank you for giving the best of yourselves to Juab and our surrounding communities.



Dr. Kodey S. Hughes, Ed.D

Superintendent of Schools

Juab School District