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Instructional Support

New Teacher Induction and Mentoring

Rule R277-308. New Educator Induction and Mentoring.

As in effect on August 1, 2019

(1) An LEA shall provide an induction program for the LEA's licensed employees if:

(a) an educator holds an associate educator license; or

(b) an educator holds a professional educator license with less than three years experience.

(2) An LEA shall provide an induction program for at least three years for employees with an LEA-specific educator license.

(3) An induction program under this rule shall include, at a minimum:

(a) a documented professional learning plan, appropriate for each educator;

(b) LEA support in meeting the requirements of a professional license for an individual who holds an associate license;

(c) mentor observation and feedback for each educator beginning early in the program;

(d) principal observation and feedback for each educator as required by Rule R277-533; and

(e) assistance in meeting the pedagogical requirements described in Subsection R277-301-5(5).

(4) An induction plan under Subsection (1) shall provide a new educator with a trained mentor educator with a professional educator license.

(5) A trained mentor educator under Subsection (3) shall assist the educator to meet the Utah Effective Educator Standards established in Rule R277-530.

(6) A trained mentor educator may not have responsibility to evaluate a new educator for whom the educator acts as mentor.

(7) An LEA and a Utah approved university-based education preparation program may partner in implementing the induction program required by Subsection (1).

(8) The Superintendent shall:

(a) develop a model induction program, including model competencies for mentors;

(b) provide training for mentors based on the competencies developed in accordance with Subsection (8)(a);

(c) provide training for principals to oversee and support mentor training; and

(d) facilitate the sharing of best practices between LEAs.