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Instructional Support

Instructional Coaching

Student-Centered Instructional Coaching is an important part of ensuring that each student in Utah has access to a highly-skilled teacher who can effectively meet their unique needs. Instructional Coaches provide job-embedded learning that benefits all of the teachers within the school and enables administrators to build important school and district goals into practice within each classroom.

District Instructional Coaches assignments:

  • Natalie Darrington, Mona Elementary
  • Jordan Jones, Red Cliffs Elementary
  • Diane Blackham, Nebo View.Red Cliffs Elementary
  • Angie Hall Juab Junior High/Juab High
  • Mike Spencer, Juab High School/Juab Junior High
  • Kandi Dansie, SPED
  • Krystle Bassett, District Office, IC Lead

If you are an educator, you can:

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Diane Blackham

Natalie Darrington

Jordan Jones

Angie Hall

Mike Spencer

Krystle Bassett

Kandi Dansie