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Instructional Support

eLearning Resources

In the case of a school or district emergency dismissal or closure, we will ensure that student learning can still take place. The following plan exists in response to potential closures or quarantines. If schools are dismissed we anticipate the following needs: access to curriculum, the ability to send and receive clear and simple communication, and the ability to give and receive feedback for learning. We're working actively to refine a system that allows for effective eLearning. 

While we have made these resources available, we recognize that not every student has the same learning needs. We are learning together. Please keep open communication with your children's teacher. Offer feedback. Have conversations. We will continue to learn and grow together. Please note: Elementary students and parents do NOT need to login to Canvas to access resources. 

→ View our JuabSD eLearning Plan
→ Access our eLearning Resource Hub
→ Access our eLearning FAQ

  • If you are in need of a device or you do not have wifi service, please contact your school administration.
  • Need help accessing the internet on a school device? Internet Sign in Help
  • If you need technical assistance, please contact our help desk.