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School Bus Efficiency

schoolbus 1501332 1280School districts that demonstrate the following practices have been deemed as highly efficient. Juab School District has been applauded for meeting these "Best Practices":

1. Staggered School Starting Times: Juab School District staggers secondary and elementary starting time. Secondary schools start earlier than elementary schools. This allows the district to use the same bus and driver for these routes. This lowers the number of buses and drivers needed each day.

2. Full Bus Capacity Utilization: This is accomplished in two ways. First, our scheduling allows busses to service many schools on the same day. Second capacity utilization is achieved by transporting the highest number of students on each bus each day. We have a lower percentage of seats not filled each day.

3. Bus Routing Efficiency Development: Bus Routes are developed that create the greatest efficiency in bringing a student to and from school. Where routes cannot be developed then the district pays in-lieu-of transportation to students that qualify for bussing.

4. Careful Management of Driver Costs: Routing software, GPS and route audits are used to insure the highest efficiency possible.

5. Idling Reduction: All Juab School District drivers have been trained on bus idling reductions and have signed pledges to not idle.