C - Section (Operations) Index

Policy CAA - Uniform School Fund

Policy CAB - Local Revenue

Policy CAC - Revenue & Budgeting

Policy CAD 1 - Finance

Policy CAD - Revenue & District Audit Committee

Policy CAE Capital Outlay Reporting- New School Building Project or Significant School Remodel

Policy CB - Procurement

Policy CBA - Procurement: General Procurement

Policy CBB - Awarding Contracts By Bidding

Policy CBC - Reverse Auction Bidding

Policy CBD - Awarding Contract By Proposals

Policy CBDA - Procurement Request for Statement of Qualifications

Policy CBDB - Procurement Approved Vendor List-Process

Policy CBE - Small Purchases

Policy CBF Procurement- Exceptions to Standard Procurement Processes

Policy CBG Procurement- Contracts and Conract Limitations

Policy CBH Procurement- Interaction with Other Procurement Units

Policy CBI Procurement-Records Retention

Policy CBJ Procurement - Contractor Oversight

Policy CC Procurement of Construction

Policy CCA School Construction Bidding

Policy CCB Construction Bonds & Security

Policy CCC Limitation on Change Orders

Policy CCD Drug & Alcohol Testing for Construction Projects

Policy CCE Construction Management Methods

Policy CCF Procurement of Architect Engineer Services

Policy CCG Construction Requirements

Policy CDA Procurement Appeals and Oversight: Procurement Protests and Debarment Proceedings

Policy CDB Procurement Appeals and Oversight:Procurement Protest and Debarment Appeals

Policy CDD Procurement Appeals and Oversight:Procurement Violations and Offenses

Policy CEA School Safety Plan:Video and Audio Surveillance

Policy CEB - District Emergency Response Plan


Policy CG - School Plant

Policy CGA - School Plant - Hazardous Materials

Policy CGA - Exhibit 1 - Hazardous Materials

Policy CGA - Exhibit 2 - Training Records

Policy CGA - Exhibit 3 - Chemical and Hazardous Materials Information

Policy CJAA - Transportation

Policy CJAC - Transportation- Route Planning

Policy CK - Cash Receipts and Expenditures

Policy CKA - Cash Receipts and Expenditures: Credit/Purchase Cards

Policy CKB - Cash Receipts and Expenditures: Travel/Mileage

Policy CKC - Cash Reciepts and Expenditures: Reimbursement Requests

Policy CKD - Cash Receipts and Expenditures: Purchase Orders

Policy CKE - Cash Receipts and Expenditures: Issuance of Checks 

Poilicy CKF - Cash Receipts and Expenditures: Journal Entries and Electronic Fund Transfer

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