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Policy CBI Procurement - Records Retention

Policy CBI - Procurement: Records Retention (PDF)

Issue Date: October 21, 2020

Records Retention 

The District shall retain and dispose of all procurement records in accordance with the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act (“GRAMA”) and Policy GA

The District’s official contract file relating to each procurement shall include all written determinations required by the District’s procurement policies, the rules of the Utah Procurement Policy Board, or the Utah Procurement Code. 

For all procurements on which $100 or more is expended, the District shall keep written records for the longer of: six years, the time otherwise required by law, or the time provided for in rules made by the Procurement Policy Board. These written records shall be made available to the public upon request as provided by Policy GA. These written records shall include: 

1. The name of the provider from whom the procurement was made; 

2. A description of the procurement item; 

3. The date of the procurement; and 

4. The expenditure made for the procurement. 

Utah Code § 63G-6a-2002 (2020) 

Records of Small Purchase, Sole Source, and Emergency Contracts 

The Procurement Official shall maintain a record of each contract made under the small purchase procurement process or under the sole source or emergency procurement exceptions to the standard procurement processes. The record shall contain each contractor’s name, the amount and type of each contract, and a listing of the procurement items to which the contract relates. 

Utah Code § 63G-6a-2003 (2020) 

Contractor Records 

The District or an audit entity under contract with the District may, at reasonable times and places, audit the books and records of a contractor or subcontractor, which are related to the applicable contract or subcontract. Utah Code § 63G-6a-1206 3 (2016) 

Contractors and subcontractors shall maintain all records related to the contract or subcontract. These records shall be maintained by the contractor or subcontractor for at least six years after the final payment or until all audits initiated within the six-year period have been completed whichever is later. All accounting for contracts and contract price adjustments, including allowable incurred costs, shall be conducted in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for government. 

Utah Code § 63G-6a-1206.3(3) (4) (2016)