Policy CAD - Revenue and Budgeting: District Audit Committee

Policy CAD - Revenue and Budgeting: District Audit Committee (PDF)

Issue Date: July 18, 2019

Citations Updated: September 21, 2022


The Board of Education shall establish a district audit committee as a standing committee of the board and shall appoint the members of the committee and replace such members from time to time.  The committee shall consist of two members of the Board of Education and two members having appropriate character and qualifications but who are not administrators or other employees of the district. The District website shall post the names of the Board members serving on the audit committee,the name and contact information of the internal audit director, and a copy of the District’s annual audit plan.] [Districts with seven member boards of education must have three board members on the audit committee and are suggested to have three other members; districts with five member boards of education must have two board members on the audit committee and are suggested to have two other members. Districts who are required to have an internal audit program are required to post the name and contact information of the internal director and a copy of the annual audit plan on the District’s website. This note and the nonapplicable bracketed references and language should be deleted when this policy is prepared for adoption by the board.]

Utah Code § 53G-7-401(1) (2018)

Utah Admin. Rules R277-113-4(3) (November 8, 2021)


The president of the Board of Education shall ensure that members of the Board and of the audit committee are provided with training on the requirements of Utah Code Title 53G, Chapter 7, Part 4, Internal Audits and of Utah Admin. Rules R277-113-4 as part of the member on-boarding process. This training shall comply with Utah Code Title 63G, Chapter 22, State Training and Certification Requirements and shall use the online training and informational materials provided by the State Superintendent in accordance with Utah Admin. Rules R277-113-3(3).

Utah Admin. Rules R277-113-4(1), (2) (November 8, 2021)


The audit committee shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. ensure the District obtains all audits, agreed-upon procedures, engagements, and financial reports required by Utah Code § 51-2a-201 and Utah Code § 53G-5-404(4);
  2. ensure that corrective action on findings, concerns, issues and exceptions reported by independent external auditors, internal auditors, or other regulatory bodies are resolved in a timely manner by District administration;
  3. present, as appropriate, information and reports from the audit committee’s meetings to the Board of Education;
  4. receive, as appropriate, reports of reviews, monitoring, or investigations conducted by District administration and ensure appropriate corrective action is taken in a timely manner;
  5. with regard to engagements completed by an independent external auditor, the District audit committee shall (a) manage the audit procurement and quality process in compliance with the state procurement code (Utah Code Title 63G, Chapter 6a) and Utah Administrative Rules R123-5, (b) ensure that the independent external auditor has access to directly communicate with the audit committee, (c) review disagreements between independent external auditors and District administration, (d) consider District responses to audits or agreed-upon procedures, and (e) determine the scope and objectives of other non-audit services, as necessary;

Utah Code § 53G-7-401(2), (5) (2018)

Utah Code § 53G-7-402(3), (4), (5) (2019)

Utah Admin. Rules R277-113-4 (4), (5), (6) (November 8, 2021) 

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