Policy CJDG - Transportation: Operations - Electronic and Telecommunication Devices

Policy GJDG-Transportation: Operations- Electronic & Telecommunication Devices (PDF)

Issue Date: September 20, 2017


Prohibited Use of Electronic and Telecommunications Devices

The safety of passengers and of the public is a school bus operator’s primary responsibility at all times, consistent with training and policy.

While the school bus is in motion and not appropriately parked or secured, a school bus operator shall not use a cell phone, wireless electronic device, or any headset, earpiece, earphones or other equipment that might distract a driver from his responsibilities, whether hand held or not. (However, operators may use two-way radios or mounted GPS systems if done in a safe and appropriate manner.)

Utah Admin. Rules R277-601-3(1)(a), (b) (June 9, 2014)

Permitted Use of Electronic and Telecommunications Devices

After the bus is stopped and safely parked, a school bus operator may use an electronic device for emergencies, to assist special needs students, for behavior management, for appropriate assistance for field/activity trips, or for other issues related to the operator’s work responsibilities.

Subject to other District policies regarding use of personal electronic devices, a school bus operator may use an electronic device for personal reasons only after the school bus is safely parked and appropriately secured and all passengers are safely off and at a safe distance from the bus.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-601-3(1)(c), (d) (June 9, 2014)

Training and Documentation

Each school bus operator shall be trained regarding the safe and appropriate use of two-way radios and fixed GPS devices and regarding the restrictions on use of electronic devices.  Retraining or refresher training on these subjects shall be provided as needed and as determined by the Transportation Director.  The District shall maintain documentation of all such training.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-601-3(1)(b) (June 9, 2014)

Disciplinary Action for Violation

Violation of the prohibitions regarding use of electronic devices by school bus operators may subject the violator to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.  Violations of the prohibitions for emergency or compelling reasons may require documentation and will be considered on an individual basis by the District.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-601-3(1)(e), (f) (June 9, 2014)

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