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Policy CI - Risk Management Procedures

Policy CI- Risk Management Procedures (PDF)

Issue Date: April 17, 2018


Risk Management Procedures 

The Utah Division of Risk Management (“Division of Risk Management”) provides liability coverage for the District through the State’s Risk Management Fund.

 District personnel shall therefore adhere to the guidelines provided by the Division of Risk Management, which are summarized in Exhibit 1 to this policy.

Litigation guidelines 

 As set forth in the Risk Management guidelines,

  • Copies of all legal papers or pleadings of a court received by the District or any of its employees for actions in the scope of their duties should be sent to the Business Administrator, who will send it to the Division of Risk management and to the Board of Education’s legal counsel.

  • Districts are not to make any statements or admission of liability in connection with any situation which may give rise to liability of the District.

  • The circumstances surrounding any liability situation should not be discussed by any employee of the District with any third party until after the Division of Risk Management has been notified and the attorney assigned to defend the action has approved such communication.

Risk management coordinator 

The Business Administrator of the District is hereby appointed as the District’s Risk Management Coordinator.

Scope of coverage 

All employees of the District and District property are covered by the Division of Risk Management in connection with claims arising from acts or omissions within the scope of their employment with the District.