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Policy CFB - Use of School Facilities: Employee use of School Property

Policy CFB - Use of School Facilities (PDF)

Issue Date: 1/15/2020


Use of school property 

The following guidelines shall govern use of school facilities and property: 

   1. The Principal may authorize the use of school property at the school for community service provided it is used only by authorized school personnel or approved personnel. 

   2. Property of one school may be loaned to another school of the District provided arrangements are made between the principals involved. 

   3. School property shall not be used by individuals for private commercial purposes at any time and may not be used for private use except as specifically permitted in this policy. 

Utah Code § 76-8-402(2) (2019) 

Use of school property for private purposes 

The following guidelines govern use of school property for private purposes by District personnel: 

   1. District personnel are to possess and use school property primarily to fulfill their duties as an employee of the District. 

   2. District personnel may also make incidental use of school property for personal matters if the value provided to the District by the employee’s use of the property in fulfilling the employee’s work duties substantially outweighs the personal benefit received by the employee from personal use. 

   3. Specific guidelines for incidental personal use of school property shall be established by the supervisor of the employee using the school property and consistent with the guidelines of this policy. 

Utah Code § 76-8-402(1), (2) (2019) 

Office machines 

The following guidelines govern use of office machines by school employees: 

   1. As a convenience, personal copies from copy machines may be made by school employees by paying the standard rate approved by the District. That standard rate should be similar to commercial rates in the area and the service will be provided only to employees. 

   2. The laminating machines that are owned by the District may be used by District personnel for personal use provided costs of the materials are paid and authorization is given by the administrator responsible for the equipment. 

   3. Employees whose regular job requires them to use District computers may use those computers for personal use after regular working hours, consistent with guidelines and restrictions that may be established by District Information Technology personnel and Policies DMA, DMB, and DMC.