Policy CJDH - Transportation: Operations: Post-Route Inspections

Policy CJDH - Transportation: Operations: Post-Route Inspections (PDF)

Issue Date: August 19, 2020

End of Route Inspections 

After completing each student delivery route, the school bus operator shall stop and park the bus and inspect the bus to ensure that all students are off of the bus. When the operator is delivering students to school, this inspection shall if possible be completed at each school site. When the route is a from-school route, the operator shall perform this inspection at a safe location a short distance from where the final student or students left the bus. 

Utah Admin. Rules R277-601-3(6)(a) to (c) (March 12, 2020) 

National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures p. 148 (May 2015) 

Students Found During Inspection 

If a student is found on the bus, the student shall be immediately returned to the student’s assigned bus stop location or to an alternate location consistent with District policy and with express permission from the parent. 

Utah Admin. Rules R277-601-3(6)(d) (March 12, 2020) 

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