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Policy EAA - Instruction Goals, Obj. & Evalu

Policy EAA - Instructional Goals, Objectives, and Evaluation-Adoption and Purpose (pdf)

Issue Date: January 15, 2020

Updated: January 19, 2022

K-12 Curriculum

The District shall provide a well-balanced curriculum in accordance with state law and State Board rules. Effective instruction shall be delivered to all enrolled students and instruction provided in the essential elements of each subject at appropriate grade levels. The essential elements represent the core knowledge, skills, and competencies all students should learn to be effective and productive members of society. The District may add elements at its discretion, but shall not delete or omit instruction in the essential elements.

Adoption of Instructional Materials

The Board shall adopt instructional materials in an open and regular meeting of the School Board for which notice is given to parents and guardians of students. Public comment shall be taken by the Board of Education related to curriculum.

Report to State Board of Education

The Board of Education shall make a written report to the State Office of Education, which states the action taken and specifically identifies the curriculum materials adopted by the Board of Education.

Improvement of Instructional Program in General

The Board shall annually review data, including statewide assessment results and evaluations, regarding student progress in the essential curriculum elements and other pertinent information and identify areas of needed improvement. Based upon the findings of the review, the District shall make necessary adjustments in instructional programs. The District shall provide a professional development program that provides teachers, principals, and other professional staff with the training required to successfully establish and maintain statewide assessments.

Utah Code Ann. § 53E-4-311(3) (2021)