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Policy EBE - Homebound Instruction

Policy EBE- Homebound Instruction (PDF)

Issue Date: December 16, 2009


The objective of homebound instruction is to provide an adequate educational opportunity for children who are physically handicapped, temporarily or permanently, to the extent that the handicap prevents the child from participating in the regular classroom program.

Students who have been identified by the Principal, counselor, or teacher or whose parents or legal guardians have requested homebound instruction for students who, because of illness or other cause, cannot attend regular school and are confined to their home or hospital shall be served as follows:

  1. A teacher or aide shall be assigned by the Principal to gather the appropriate school materials, lessons, and assignments and act as liaison between regular teacher and   student.
  2. The teacher shall deliver the collected materials to the student and arrange to instruct the student for approximately one hour per visit.
  3. Any successful educational experience for the child rests upon the sincere desire of all persons concerned to cooperate.  A homebound teaching environment should exist that          will give the student the maximum of opportunity and profitably utilize the time of the     teacher.
  4. It is desirable that some plan be made by the parents to provide the child each day with a period for work that approximates that given by the home teacher on days upon which visits are made.
  5. Completed work shall be transmitted by the homebound teacher to the appropriate teacher at school for grading and scoring.
  6. There may be an occasional situation where the services are not of profit to the homebound child or that the physical handicap has eased to the extent that the child can            be enrolled in one of the regular or special school programs.  In such instance, it will be    necessary to withdraw the service.
  7. The Principal shall report or have reported all visits (name of student, type of confinement, date, time, teacher providing service, length of visit) to the Superintendent            
  8. The teacher or aide providing the service shall be paid as provided by the Board.