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Policy EGAB - School Fees

Policy EGAB-School Fees (PDF)

Issue Date: December 16, 2009

 The Juab District Board of Education hereby adopts the following policy regarding school fees, rental fees, textbook sales, deposits or rentals, and waivers regarding these items.Philosophy
  1. Many expenses in the operation of schools are beyond the ordinary costs of education. Added conveniences such as, but not limited to, lockers, towels, yearbooks, clubs, travel, and tangible products are items of cost that may properly be borne by parents and students.
  2. After-school activities are outside the normal school program and should be supported largely by participating students.
  3. Students should have equal access to all programs offered by the public school regardless of their parents’ or guardians’ ability or willingness to pay school fees.
  4. A waiver procedure to ensure that students are not denied the opportunity to participate in school activities and educational progress because of the inability to pay fee deposits or charges, and an appeal process with the local Board of Education retaining final responsibility, is essential to the School Fee Policy.
  5. Written notice should be provided to parents/guardians, students, school personnel and the general public regarding school fees, rental fees, textbook sales, deposits or rentals, and waiver policies.
Standards Statement
  1. Students in the eighth grade and below are to be provided, free of charge and without deposits and rental fees, all educational supplies used in the instruction process, except the following items for which a charge may be made:
  2. Supplies and materials to construct personal items that are retained by the student;
  3. Small band and orchestra instruments, such as violins, clarinets, and trumpets, which are taken home but which are school property
  4. Gym clothing, if students are permitted to furnish their own, with no specificity other than color or type;
  5. Club uniforms owned by the school if students are given the option of providing their own;
  6. Choir, band, and orchestra apparel and uniforms if they have high utility to students in other than school-sponsored activities.
  7. Schools may sell at cost, or otherwise provide at, to students in grades 9-12, all student supplies.
  8. Textbooks may be sold or rented, or deposits required, for pupils in grades 9-12 and shall be at a cost not to exceed the actual cost of the book plus costs of transportation and handling.  Sales and rental programs will both be on a non-profit basis.  
  9. Textbooks, workbooks, etc. or required for course of instruction for each child in grades 9-12 whose parents or guardians are financially unable to purchase them because of   receiving public assistance in aid to dependent children, general relief, foster care, school lunch waiver will be provided free of charge without rental charges and deposits.
  10. Parents and guardians will be notified in writing of tentative schedule fees for the upcoming school year by the end of the previous school year.New students will receive notice upon intent to register.  Information regarding final fee schedules will be provided 
  11. Provisions will be made for public hearings in the district of the school fees policy upon its establishment or changes thereafter.
  12. An annual review of the school fee policy will be held by each faculty and with the local Board of Education. Parental involvement will be encouraged.
  13. No school or school employee may establish any student fee or cost not set or approved by the local Board of Education.
  14. No student will be denied enrollment in any class during the regular school day or receipt of transcripts or diploma for failure to pay school fees.
School Fee Policy
  1. Opportunity for gainful work at school or other alternatives to payment may be provided activities solely on the basis of non-payment fees may be provided.Such alternatives   shall be designed to avoid stigma and unreasonable burdens on students and shall be subject to agreement by the parent/guardian and student.
  2. The Principal or administrative designee will be available to parents/guardians and students prior to fee payment time to discuss fees with low income families lacking the capability of paying a fee or fees.  The Principal or administrative designee shall have the authority to grant waivers or provide other alternatives. If agreement is not possible at this meeting, the appeal process will be noted to the individuals and steps taken to resolve     the issue (s) through the appeal process.
  3. The local Board of Education may adopt written policies deemed essential to reduce costs to students, including limits on student uniforms, club activities, clinics, and travel aimed at equal opportunity for all and limiting diversion of money from the basic school program.
  4. Individual students and parents will be required to pay for textbooks, lab materials, and damages to school property beyond reasonable wear and use by students. 
  5. Donations will be accepted by the school district with the assurance that they do not create inequities among students and schools in the district and that special privileges and    benefits are not conditional upon the acceptance of donations.
  6. Fees may be charged in connection with any school-sponsored activity if participation is voluntary and does not affect students’ grades or ability to participate fully in any course taught during the regular school day.
  7. Fees related to extracurricular activities sponsored by the Utah High School Activities Association may not exceed limits established by the Association.