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Policy EHI - School Activities & Concurrent_Enrollment-Dual Enrollment

Policy EHI-School Activities & Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Enrollment (PDF)

Issue Date: December 16, 2009



Concurrent Enrollment Students: Any District-enrolled secondary student who is registered at least part time in an accredited institution of higher learning.

Dual Enrollment: A secondary student who is enrolled part time in a private school or home school.

Accredited Institution: A school accredited by one of the four major US Department of Education Accrediting Agencies.  In Utah the accrediting institution is the Northwest Association of School and Colleges.

Student Educational Occupational Plan (SEOP): A plan developed jointly by the student, his or her parents, and the appropriate school staff that provides an educational blueprint designed to access the best available program that meets the needs of the student.


  1. Any student who is enrolled as a Juab School District student may register for part or all   of his or her educational program as determined by the student’s formal educational plan (SEOP) at an accredited institution of higher learning and still be eligible for school activities providing the following conditions are met:
  2. The student currently is attending school. (Combination of the secondary school and the institution of higher learning for a minimum of 5 ½ hours per day. A full time concurrent enrollment student taking a minimum of twelve collegiate quarter hours of work at an accredited institution of higher learning will meet the 5 ½ hour requirement.)
  3. Students who are in other dual enrollment arrangements must attend regular school at least four periods a day to be eligible for activities.  (Example:  home school, private school, or night school students who are enrolled on a part time basis.)  A student who is enrolled in a recognized alternative educational program may be eligible for activities if he/she scores at the 50thpercentile for the student’s grade level on a nationally named achievement test, such as the Stanford
  4. 9.   A student living within the boundaries of the District who is enrolled in an accredited online program for at least four periods is eligible to participate.  Furthermore, the student must be screened by the school administration for appropriate behavior.  A student must demonstrate that he/she has a positive citizenship record.
  5. The student has received no more than one failing grade in his/her classes, including all classes taken on a concurrent enrollment basis at the institution of higher learning, during the grading period prior to the school activity. 
  6. No student is eligible to participate in school activities whose class has already graduated unless the student is an identified, special education student whose formal Individual Educational Plan (IEP) calls for the person’s inclusion in a particular school activity. 
  7. A student who has met all of the formal requirements for graduation and has opted for an early release may continue to participate in school activities as long as he/she meets all of the requirements detailed above.  Specifically he/she must be enrolled and attending an accredited school or college or viable educational alternative.  No student is eligible to participate in a school activity if he/she is not currently meeting an eligible program as outlined in this document.