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Policy EFD - Grading: Course Grade Forgiveness

Policy EFD - Grading: Course Grade Forgiveness (PDF)

Issue Date: 4/17/2019


The following definitions apply within this policy: 

  1. “Comparable course” means a course that fulfills the same graduation credit requirements as a course for which a student seeks to improve a grade. 
  1. “Course” means a course that a student is enrolled in and either completes or withdraws from but still receives a grade. 
  1. “Highest grade” means a grade that reflects the higher grade of (a) a course and a repeat of the course or (b) a course and a comparable course. 
  1. “Recurring course” means a course that a student takes more than once to (a) further the student’s understanding and skills in the course subject (such as journalism or band), or (b) satisfy a different credit requirement that the course may fulfill, such as an art class that fulfills an elective requirement and an art requirement. 
  1. “Student” means an individual enrolled in the District in grade 9, 10, 11, or 12 

Utah Admin. Rules R277-717-2 (March 14, 2018) 

Course Grade Forgiveness 

A student may, to improve a course grade received by the student, repeat the course one or more times or enroll in and complete a comparable course. A grade for an additional unit of a recurring course does not change a student’s original course grade under this policy. 

Repeating a Course 

If a student repeats a course, the District: 

  1. Shall adjust, if necessary, the student’s course grade and grade point average to reflect the student’s highest grade and exclude a lower grade. 
  1. Shall exclude from the student’s permanent record the course grade that is not the highest grade. 
  1. May not otherwise indicate on the student’s current record that the student repeated the course. 

Improving a Grade with a Comparable Course 

In order to improve a grade under this policy through completion of a comparable course, the student must inform the District at the time of enrollment in the comparable course of the intent to enroll in the course for improving a course grade. Upon receiving such notice, the District shall confirm whether the comparable course fulfills the same credit requirements as the course that the student intends to replace.  Subject to that determination, the District shall, upon enrollment in the comparable course, update the student’s current record and grade point average to reflect the highest grade between the course and the comparable course and exclude the lower grade and corresponding course. The District may not otherwise indicate the course or comparable course for which the student did not receive the highest grade on the student’s record. 

Utah Admin. Rules R277-717-3 (March 18, 2018)