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Policy EHAA - Graduation: Graduation Attire

Policy EHAA - Graduation: Graduation Attire (PDF)

Issue Date: January 18, 2023


  1. “Graduation ceremony” means a high school graduation ceremony.
  2. “Graduation attire” means the attire that is required to be worn by students at a graduation ceremony, according to the dress code established by the District and an individual high school.
  3. “Tribe” means a tribe, band, nation, or Alaskan Native village that is recognized by federal law or formally acknowledged by a state.
  4. “Tribal regalia” means a tribe’s traditional dress or recognized objects of religious or cultural significance, including tribal symbols, beads, and feathers.
  5. “Qualifying student” means a student who is enrolled as a member of a tribe or eligible to be so enrolled.

Utah Code § 53G-4-412(1) (2022)

General Graduation Attire

Except as provided below, graduating students shall comply with the graduation attire and other dress code requirements of the student’s high school and the District.

Qualifying Students May Wear Tribal Regalia

Any qualifying student may wear tribal regalia during a graduation ceremony, including decorating the student’s other graduation attire with tribal regalia, notwithstanding any provision or policy of the high school conducting the ceremony or any other dress code policy.

Utah Code § 53G-4-412(2), (3) (2022)