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Policy FIA-School Fund Raisers

Policy FIA-School Fund Raisers (PDF)

Issue Date: January 19, 2011


The Juab School District Board of Education  appreciates the generous support of local businesses and patrons and encourages schools to work closely with the community and purchase locally wherever possible.

Sale of Products and Services

The sale of products and services not associated with an approved school sponsored activity or fundraiser is prohibited. 


  1. All fundraising shall be approved and coordinated by the school principal.
  2. All fund raising shall be for defined, pre-determined budget purposes.
  3. Principals shall meet at least once per year with activity advisors and parent support groups to accept fundraising proposals. Each proposal shall be evaluated based on the       worth of the proposal, the impact on patrons, and businesses. 
  4. The principal shall limit the number of fundraisers conducted annually
  5. If an approved initial fundraiser does not raise the pre-determined amount of funds to support the proposed activity, the organization shall make written application to the principal for approval to conduct an additional fundraiser.
  6. Approval for fundraising must be documented and kept on file at each school.
  7. Door to door fundraising by elementary students is prohibited.
  8. School-wide projects such as parent/teacher organization sponsored school carnivals, bazaars, concession stands, book fairs, etc. are permissible. 
  9. A limited number of charitable fundraisers are permissible.
  10. National and regional fund raising campaigns are prohibited unless approved by the Superintendent or his designee. 


  1. Funds raised shall be receipted and expended through student body/or school accounts designated for the approved and pre-determined activity.
  2. All fundraising activities shall comply with the Juab School District Board of Education accounting policies and practices. 

Adopt A School - School Business Partnerships. 

Businesses who in conjunction with a local school(s) wish to form a business - school partnership relationship which results in the school(s) receiving funds, services, or materials will be allowed and encouraged to do so.

Receive Receipts and Expenditures For Fund Raising Projects

All fund raising efforts shall be instituted for definite, pre-determined budget purposes.  District staff members organizing fundraisers should receipt and expend funds, through studentbody and/or school accounts and purchasing procedures.