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Policy FJ-Students Leaving with Adults

Policy FJ - Students Leaving with Adults (PDF)

Issue Date: 9/18/2019

Removal During School Day 

No person shall be allowed to remove a student from school during the school day unless that person reports first to the Principal at the school's administrative offices, and one of the following circumstances is true: 

1. The person positively identifies him or herself as the student's custodial parent, including identification of the person, as well as production of documentation sufficient to establish custodial rights to the child, if circumstances warrant it. 

2. The person is in possession of and produces a validly issued subpoena or court order instructing the school to deliver the student to the person named in it, and the person can positively identify him or herself as the person named to receive the student in the subpoena. 

3. The person is a properly identified law enforcement officer in possession of a validly issued warrant naming the student, and the Principal or his designee, examines the warrant and is satisfied that the student is properly and sufficiently identified.