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Policy FHD - Relations With Governmental Agencies and Local Governmental Authories

policy FHD-Relation With Governmental Agencies & Local Governmental Authorities (PDF)

Issue Date: February 20, 2013


Taken into Custody

The District shall permit a student to be taken into custody:

  1. Pursuant to an order of the juvenile court.
  2. Pursuant to the laws of arrest.
  3. By a law enforcement officer if there are reasonable grounds to believe the student has engaged in delinquent conduct or conduct in need of supervision.
  4. By a probation officer if there are reasonable grounds to believe the student has violated a condition of probation imposed by the juvenile court.
  5. By an authorized representative of the Utah Department of Social Services, a law enforcement officer, or a juvenile probation officer, without a court order under conditions relating to the student's physical health or safety or the physical health or safety of others.