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Policy FDEB-School Lunch Services

Policy FDEB-School Lunch Services (PDF)

Issue Date: July 19. 2017



The goal of Juab School District is to provide students with healthy meals each school day. However, unpaid charges place a large financial burden on the JSD’s food services department. The purpose of this policy is to insure compliance with federal and state law while providing procedures for collecting school meal charges.  The intent of this policy is to establish uniform meal account procedures throughout JSD. The provisions of this policy pertain to school breakfast and lunch meals only. 

Responsibility for Student Meal Charges

Parents and/or guardians of students are responsible to pay school meal charges of their students to the extent that such charges are not paid through applicable federal or state school meal programs.  Student school meal charges shall be paid pursuant to the following guidelines:

  1. Free Meals: Students who qualify and properly apply for free school meals under federal and/or state law shall receive free meals pursuant to the guidelines set forth in the applicable law.
  1. Reduced Charges for School Meals: Students who qualify and properly apply for reduced charges for school meals under federal and/or state law shall receive meals at a reduced charge pursuant to the guidelines set forth in applicable law.  
  1. Meal Charges: Charges for a school meal should be paid prior to the student receiving such meal. However, JSD will not deny a student a school meal that is available to other students on the basis that such student has delinquent meal charges. 

Procedure for Collecting Delinquent Student Meal Charges

In the event a student has delinquent meal charges, JSD will use reasonable efforts to contact the parent/guardian(s) of such student and notify them of such delinquency.  If a student’s delinquent school meal charges are not paid after JSD has made a reasonable effort to notify the student’s parent /guardian(s) of such delinquent charges, then JSD may take any actions that it deems appropriate and lawful to collect delinquent charges.  Such actions may include, but are not limited to, enlisting the services of a collection agency and/or filing civil suit in a court of competent jurisdiction.  Parent/guardian(s) are responsible for all legal fees, court costs, interest, and collection costs that JSD incurs in pursuing and collecting payment of delinquent student meal charges.