Policy GD - Relations with Colleges and Universities: Teacher Education and Internships

Policy GD - Relations with Colleges and Universities: Teacher Education & Internships (PDF)

Issue Date:8/21/2019


“Student teacher” means a college student preparing to teach who is assigned a period of guided teaching during which the student assumes increasing responsibility for directing the learning of a group or groups of students over a period of time.

“Intern” means a teacher education student, who, in an advanced stage of preparation, usually as a culminating experience, may be employed in a school setting for a period of up to one year and receive salary proportionate to the service rendered. An intern is supervised primarily by the school system while maintaining a continuing relationship with college personnel and following a planned program designed to produce a demonstrably competent professional.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-509-2 (January 9, 2019)

District requirements

The District may not give an unsupervised classroom assignment to a student teacher or intern who has not received a student teacher license or intern license from the State Superintendent. The District shall verify with the State Board of Education that a student teacher or intern has the appropriate licensure.  A supervising administrator must be permanently assigned to the building to which an intern is assigned.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-509-3 (January 9, 2019)

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