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Policy BJA- Superintendent: Appointment, Term of Office, and Interim Appointment (PDF)

Issue Date: March 21, 2012

Citations Updated: September 22, 2021



The Board shall appoint a District Superintendent of Schools who serves as the Board’s chief executive officer.

Utah Code Ann. § 53G-4-301 (1) (2018)


The Superintendent’s appointment shall occur at the Board’s first meeting in June.

  Compensation and Benefits

The Board shall set the Superintendent’s compensation for services.

Terms of Office

The Superintendent’s term of office begins July 1 and is for two years and until a successor is appointed and qualified.

Utah Code Ann. § 53G-4-301 (3)(a) (2018)


Automatic Contract Renewal Prohibited

The Board may not enter into an employment contract with the superintendent, which contains an automatic renewal provision.

Utah Code Ann. § 53G-4-301 (3)(b) (2018)


Interim Appointment

If it becomes necessary to appoint an interim superintendent due to a vacancy in the office of superintendent, then the Board shall make an appointment during a public meeting for an indefinite term not to exceed one year, which term shall end upon the appointment and qualification of a new superintendent.


However, an interim appointment shall be limited if it takes place during the time period between an election day where any new board member is elected and the date when the new board member or members take office. (If all board members who stood for election are re-elected, this limitation does not apply.) Under this limitation, the Board may only make an interim appointment, and that appointment shall expire as soon as the new board member takes office and a new superintendent is appointed by the newly constituted board.

Utah Code Ann. § 53G-4-301 (4), (7) (2018)