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Policy DADA Employment Transfers

Policy DADA- Employment Transfers (PDF)

Issue Date: May 16, 2018

Administrative Policy

It is the policy of the Administration to assign personnel to the positions that best meet the needs of the District.  Transfers shall be used to maintain a proper balance of experience and specialized competence among the schools of the District.

Voluntary Transfers

As positions become available Juab School District will advertise known job vacancies together with required endorsements and skill requirements of the particular position, for the upcoming school year. The District will make reasonable efforts to advertise to all current employees through District e-mail prior to advertising a position to the public. Transfer requests will be made according to the following guidelines:

  1. Any employee requesting a transfer is encouraged to do so by contacting the building principal or supervisor directly of the open position indicating their interest and or intent.  Employees are also encouraged to notify their current building principal and or supervisor of their request. 
  2. Using a common set of criteria such as personnel files, requested qualifications, experience, etc., principals will review requests for transfer and then interview District candidates. During the process, candidates may    be brought back for multiple interviews. Successful and unsuccessful     candidates will be contacted. Successful candidates will be notified in writing.

Involuntary Transfers

A principal may request the transfer of an employee when in his or her judgment it will benefit the employee, the school, or the District.  Involuntary transfer requests stating specific reasons for the transfer shall be made to the Superintendent.  A copy of the request shall be made available to the employee.  The Superintendent shall review the request and recommend approval or denial of the involuntary transfer request. 

In situations where an involuntary transfer becomes necessary due to the reduction in staff or for staff imbalance, a call for volunteers shall be made and if there are no volunteers, selection shall be made in the best interests of the District.  In the case of an involuntary transfer due to a reduction in staff or for staff balance the administrator shall adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Employees required to transfer involuntarily shall be notified of the available opening for which they are qualified.
  2. Employees identified for involuntary transfer shall list their preference for available positions.  Positions will be filled by the District with consideration given to the employee priority listing.
  3. Program need shall be based on the primary assignment description.
  4. Whenever possible, an employee being transferred to a different assignment shall be notified of the transfer prior to the end of the school year.
  5. The transferring employee shall be notified of the change in assignment in a conference with his or her supervisor.
  6. When a teacher who has been involuntarily transferred cannot be placed in a position commensurate with appropriate endorsements and skill requirement, Reduction in Force guidelines (Policy DHB) will be implemented.

Restrictions on Transfer of Employees

An employee whose performance is unsatisfactory may not be transferred to another school unless the Board specifically approves the transfer of the employee.

If an employee who is under an order of probation or remediation in one assignment in a school district is transferred or given a new assignment in the District, the order shall stand until its provisions are satisfied.  An employee who is under an order of probation or remediation may not be transferred to another school unless the Superintendent specifically approves the transfer of the employee.

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