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Policy DBAA-Salary Schedules

Policy DBAA-Salary Schedules (PDF)

Issue Date: November 18, 2009


  1. The Board of Education is interested in obtaining and maintaining competent, qualified employees.
  2. The Board will review annually all scheduled salaries and individual salaries not on the schedule, through the Superintendent of Schools.      The Board may involve employees in this annual review.  Further the Board at its discretion may pay an incentive lump-sum payment to any or all employees as determined by the Board.
  1. Employees will be classified for scheduling purpose at the beginning of each school year. At that time, personnel will be placed on the schedule at the levels warranted by their experience, training, position, and classification.
  2. Employees who complete an advanced degree shall receive the additional salary at the beginning of the school year, provided proper notification and verification are given the Superintendent of Schools by September 15.