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Policy DBAB-Employee Leave

Policy DBAB-Employee Leave (PDF)

Issue Date: October 11, 2016


All regular District contract employees are allowed 11 leave days a year with the following provisions:

  1. No employee may take more than three days in a month without permission from the employee’s immediate supervisor. 
  2. Employees must apply through their principal and then to the District Office to take leave any of the three days preceding or following holidays or other functions where a disproportionate number of staff may wish to take leave. Applications will be approved on the basis of who applies first and the length of time since the employee last applied for leave adjacent to a holiday period.
  3. The District may deny or limit leave days not related to illness if enough staff are not available to deliver quality instruction to students.
  4. No employee will be allowed to accumulate more than the 11 leave days. Unused leave days will be placed in the employee’s personal sick leave bank. Any unused leave days beyond 6 days in a current year may be sold back to the District at the daily rate of a  $100.00 per day. Employees, who have accumulated 120 or more days in their sick leave bank, may sell back any or all unused days.  The payout for any days in excess of 5 will be paid at the rate of a certified substitute. Only the 11 days of the current year are eligible for reimbursement.
  5. All current year leave days must be utilized before the employee can access his/her sick leave bank.
  6. The sick leave bank may be accumulated to a total of 180 days. 
  7. Personal leave days and sick leave days may not be transferred to another employee.

This program may be reviewed on an annual basis.