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Policy DBAD-Sabbatical Leave

Policy DBAD-Sabbatical Leave (PDF)

Issue Date: November 18, 2009


A sabbatical leave may be granted to any full-time certificated employee who has completed at least six years satisfactory professional service in Juab School District.

  1. The Board of Education reserves the right to determine annually whether more than one member of the professional staff may be absent on professional leave.
  2. Acceptable activities for sabbatical leave are continuing education and training, educational travel, and employment in the business industry or government related to the employee’s position and designed to enhance his or her professional competence.
  3. Applications for professional leave must be received by theSuperintendent of Schools in writing no later than March 1 of the year preceding the school year in which the leave is requested.  The application will include a carefully defined and verifiable program for the leave period.  Each application for professional leave must be recommended by the Superintendent and be finally approved by the Board of Education.
  4. Persons on sabbatical leave will receive the difference in pay between his or her professional schedule 9-month salary and the first step and lane on the professional salary schedule. It is provided, however, that any District or program grant, fellowship, or program compensation may not exceed the employee’s salary if he or she had continued in the District.
  5. The employee on leave will continue to receive retirement and social security benefits based on actual leave grant pay received by the employee.
  6. The Sabbatical Leave shall be counted as teaching experience on the salary schedule. The person on leave may return to the same position or to another position by mutual agreement.
  7. Persons receiving Sabbatical Leave must return to the Juab School District for at least two years following the leave or reimburse the District the total amount of the District Grant and Insurance Premium received during the leave.
  8. Leave Without Pay:The Board of Education, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, may grant a leave of absence for one year without compensation to qualified (not on a probationary contract) personnel for the purpose of study, travel, or such other purposes as the Board may approve.