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Policy DEAA Long Term Disability

Policy DEAA-Long Term Disability (PDF)

Issue Date: December 16, 2009


  1. Long-term disability insurance is provided by the Board as a section of the District’s group insurance policy.
  2. Employees who are enrolled in the District’s group insurance plan are provided long-term disability insurance.
  3. To be eligible for benefits, an employee must be totally disabled for a period of 120 days and meet such further requirements as are included in the long-term disability insurance policy attachment to the group insurance policy
  4. Benefits will be paid monthly in accordance with the disability insurance policy. Benefits will also include contributions to the employee’s retirement plan to age 65 or until the employee qualifies for full retirement benefits.
  5. The District will pay group premiums during the 120-day waiting period until eligible for long-term disability benefits.
  6. Any employee who is disabled and unable to perform his/her duties for a period of six months will be required to go on the long-term disability program at that time.