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Policy DEC - Risk Manage. Cover. of Sch. Dist Employees

Policy DEC-Risk Management Coverage for Employees (PDF)

Issue Date: June 21, 2017


Risk Management Coverage of School District Employees

The Board hereby elects to extend its insurance coverage available from risk management to cover employees in their individual capacities to the extent claims of liability arise from acts performed within the scope of the employee’s employment with the District.


Notice to Employees

By April 15 of each school year, the District shall provide a copy to each employee of a disclosure prepared by the state risk manager regarding the coverage against liability provided to District employees pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 63A-4-204(4)(b), which information shall include:

  1. The eligibility requirements to receive coverage;
  2. The basic nature of the coverage for District employees, including what is not covered;
  3. Whether the coverage is primary or in excess of any other coverage provided to employees.


Notice to New Employees

The District shall require all newly hired employees to sign a separate document acknowledging that the employee has received the disclosure described above and that the employee understands the legal liability protection and what is not covered, as explained in the disclosure.  The District shall retain the signed acknowledgment in the employee’s personnel file.

Utah Code Ann. § 63A-4-204 (4)(b), (d), (e) (2021)

Utah Code Ann. § 53G-11-202 (2018)