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POLICY DEDA Group Insurance

Policy DEDA-Group Insurance-Medical, Hospital Benefits, Life Insurance (PDF)

Issue Date: November 18, 2009



1.         All regular full time* district employees, shall receive employees' group insurance for medical, hospital benefits, life insurance, and long term disability

2.         All district employees working more than 30 hours a week may participate in the employees’ group insurance program by paying that percentage of the premium equal to the percentage difference between the actual hours worked per week and full time employment.*

3.         The Board of Education shall annually determine the coverage of this program, the company from whom it will be purchased, and the continuance of the program.

                        *  Full time is defined as follows:

                             Certified Staff, Secretaries, Instructional Aides - 37.5 hours per week

                             Custodians, Bus Drivers, and Maintenance Personnel - 40 hours per week

                             School Lunch Workers- 35 Hours per week