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BA                          Board Legal Status

BAA                        Board Legal Status:  Powers and Duties

BBA                        Board Members:  Eligibility and Qualifications

BBB                        Board Members:  Elections and Reapportionment

BBC                        Board Members: Vacancies on the Board

BBG                        Board Members:  Compensation and Expenses

BD                          Board Internal Operation

BDAB                     President of the Board: Duties

BE                          Board Meetings

BEA                        Board Meetings:  Notice Requirements

BEB                        Board Meetings:  Recordings and Minutes

BEC                        Board Meetings:  Closed Meetings

BED                        Board Meetings:  Meeting Location

BEE                        Board Meetings:  Electronic Meetings

BEF                        Board Meetings Participation Procedures

BJA                        Superintendent:  Appointment, Term of Office, and Interim Appointment

BJB                        Superintendent:  Qualifications and Responsibilities

BKA                        Business Administrator:  Appointment, Term of Office, and Interim  Appointment

BKB                        Business Administrator:  Qualifications and Responsibilities

BL                           Administrative Personnel

BLA                        Administrative Personnel:  Duties of Principals

BM                         Charter School Sponsorship

BN                          Energy

BU                          District Annual Reports