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E Section (Instruction) Index

EAA                        Instructional Goals, Objective and Evaluation:  Adoption and Purpose

EAB                        Instructional Goals, Objectives, and Evaluation:  Evaluation of Programs

EBA                        Term of Instruction:  School Year

EBB                        Term of Instruction:  School Day

EBE                        Homebound Instruction

ECA                        Curriculum:  Required Instruction

ECAA                     Professional Learning Communities

ECBB                     Curriculum:  Elective Instruction:  Driver Education

ECBC                     Extended Year - Extended Day

ECC                        Curriculum:  Reading Achievement for K-3

ECE                        Curriculum:  College Course Work

ECF                        Curriculum: Religious Neutrality 

ECG                        Curriculum:  American Heritage

ECH                        Curriculum:  Human Sexuality

EDA                        Special Programs:  Alternative Language Program

EDAA                      Title I:  Parent Involvement

EDB                        Special Programs:  At-Risk Student/Dropout Reduction

EDC                        Special Programs: Youth in Custody

EDE                        Special Programs:  Special Education

EDEF                      504 Students:  Reasonable Accommodations

EDF                        Social Programs:  Health Care Occupation Programs

EDG                       Special Programs:  Financial and Economic Literacy Passport

EEA                        Instructional Resources:  Copyrighted Materials

EEB                        Instructional Resources:  Internet Policy

EEC                        Instructional Resources:  Purchase of Primary Instructional Materials

EED                        Instructional Resource:  Teaching Supplies and Materials

EFB                        Grading:  Testing Procedures and Standards

EGA                        Guidance:  Student Education Plan/Occupation Plan

EGAB                     School Fee Policy

EHA                       Graduation:  Graduation Requirement

EHAB                     Graduation:  Exercises

EHC                       Graduation:  Early Graduation Incentive

EHE                       Graduation:  Adult Education Graduation

EHI                         School Activities and Concurrent Enrollment-Dual Enrollment

EIA-1                      Exhibit 1 Student Overnight Travel Application

EIA-1                      Rules Governing Student Extended Travel and Overnight Lodging

EIA-II                      Field Trips and Excursions

EJA                        Teaching About Controversial Issues